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I’m switching to an iPhone after 10 years on Android – Here’s why.
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How To Transfer Everything From Iphone To Iphone - I'm switching to iPhone.

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  1. Tam Pham

    After years of using Android phones only since version 3, I just bought my first Iphone 13 pro Max because I am kind of getting tired of Android poor audio and video recording and things that work one day but break the next. However, Admittedly, ios is boring + dated and I am missing the great usability of Android. I won't switch back to Android till Google fixes the issues of audio + video + stability.

  2. shibu

    I'm getting an iPad for my bday! I honestly can't wait!
    I might get a Apple pencil as well but if I do it's gonna cost 498€ TnT
    but I'm just gonna sacrifice my 20 something Euro so maybe that will help a tiny bit

  3. IlIlIIlIllI lIIll

    I have always been wondering why the iphones feel better in almost every way despite the fact that androids often have better specs on paper. You explained it perfectly! I don’t even care about the price difference since in my experience the iphones are usable for way longer than the android phones i’ve had.

  4. Ariyah Malak Israel

    Lol nice video.. yea apple makes a very fluid phone. Solid to the core.. what they mak we they make great for as synergy ( hardware & software) . But they lack vision now. Samsung continues to push the Bar to new heights! Apple would've been gone by now if they didnt change to the standards Samsung push out. Bigger phones! ✔️ bigger battery! ✔️ bigger screen ! ✔️ USB-C ✔️ open source check ✔️ customize ur phone to how u like it ✔️.. u can truly express ur self!! Just learn UI. And delete the B.S u dont want.

  5. Andrew Mendoza

    I hate my IPhone so much!! My notes constantly disappear. My screen freezes in the sideways position. All the wake up alarms all suck and when I try to choose a song instead, it doesn’t work! How is there still not a gradual increasing volume option?! I have to restart it almost every day. The mandatory updates make your phone out of whack every time! The data collection presets are insane. I hate IPhone so freaking much!!

  6. Possum

    Me and one of my friends have been clashing about what is the best phone, apple of Samsung. Im team Apple. I showed my friend this video and i said this is a good comparising video. He said i only say its good becouse you switched to iphone but you also tell us the bad things about the iphone in comparising with the samsung phone. And you told us why you where switching very well. I know everything about it becouse a few years ago i also had samsung phones and samsung earbuds. Now i use iphones and airpods. Its just way simpler. I can definetly get along with a android and the choices it gives you but i like the coices that apple made more. Thats why i switched to iphone.

  7. Skopin

    The notifications are probably the biggest differentiating factor to me. When I had my Pixel, my Inbox stayed clear. I was on top of emails that came in because even if I missed the initial notification popup, I could see the icon in the status bar and I would check it. On my iPhone, the only time I really look at notifications are when I see one come in in realtime, and then I see that I have a hundred notifications that I missed.

    I'm also not a huge fan of the gatekeeping in the App Store. I like that they make sure apps are secure for the most part and work properly and all that, but I don't like that they don't allow certain types of apps for no reason.

  8. Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson

    Please what are you talking about ? I have a strong feeling smart phones are about to be made dim, by Tesla, Elon Musk and his care for this planet is going create a phone that doesn’t need changing every year. Apple are just as bad , they bring out a new apple product every year. LAND FILL comes to mind. Finally something more for the people upgrade parts not the entire device…

  9. Hagi Rahmadhi

    Blackberry 9300
    My frst and last Blackberry phone

    S3 Mini
    my first android phone, love it

    Microsoft Lumia 640
    Experimenting with different OS. Ok, but never do it again.

    Galaxy A3 (2017) – first phone from my own salary and first phone that got stolen. DAMN!

    LG Q6
    dumb decision! Big NO NO!

    My first flagship phone, bought soon after launch

    iPhone 13 pro
    My first apple product. Let see where it goes..

  10. That's Weird

    I recently moved from iPhone to android because with every new iOS version apple makes previous phones obsolete. I am not interested to invest a lot of money to my smartphone. In the past, apple products were Reliable but now they are focusing to make money from unit sales

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